Introducing the Sherry Cask Collection

A unique creation that represents a true innovation within the Brandy de Jerez category.
The Fundador Supremo Sherry Cask collection with its three expressions 12, 15 and 18 reveals the depth of the most luxurious flavours brought by time in wood.

The legacy

Centuries of experience have provided us with a unique way of making Ultra Premium Brandy in the oldest winery in Jerez.

Since 1874 we have combined our knowledge of aging brandy and the know-how of what, for us, is an art.


The taste of our brandy dates back to 1874, when Fundador was born, the first Brandy de Jerez made in Spain. That year, we began to make one of the best brandies in the world, at the oldest winery in Jerez.

We were born pioneers and grew as leaders managing to evolve over time and create new products for the most demanding palates, always offering a unique sensory experience. To produce top quality brandy, you need the best wines, oak casks that are unique in the world and centuries of experience taking care of the liquid in order to take it to its maximum expression.

A Royal journey in the history of Fundador

Since the 19th century, Brandy Fundador has had a close relationship with Spanish Royalty. King Fernando VII, King Alfonso XIII, Queen Victoria Eugenia, Don Juan of Borbón, princes and princesses have toured the winery leaving their mark on the butts to through their signatures.

Today, many of them contain the most exquisite liquids that are part of our most select brandies, such as the range of Brandy Ultra Premium Fundador Supremo.

H.M. King Fernando VII granted in his visit the use of the Royal seal on butts and its use in the labels on the bottles and H.M. King Alfonso XIII in 1874 signed one of the the first Brandy Fundador’s butts.

in the history of Fundador

A unique Brandy

To try one of our brandies is to appreciate our Brandy de Jerez Denomination of Origin, to savour the aging in our collection of Sherry Casks, casks to which very few liquids in the world have access and to acknowledge the history of brandy in Spain, directly linked to our wineries and Fundador.

Criaderas and Solera

The aging of brandy is carried out through the Criaderas y Solera system, unique in Jerez and that we have been using and perfecting since the 18th century.
The secret of this method lies in our valuable collection of Sherry Casks and its dynamism, since the liquid moves through different stages “escalas” of aging (called running the scales) until it reaches the desired level.
Our Master Blender carries out regular extractions, starting with the 2nd Criadera (nursery), which contains the youngest brandy. After allowing the liquid to age in that Criadera, it is removed (in a process called saca) and the replacement or Rocio (sprinkling) is carried out in the next Criadera, (the 1st in the image). Again, the necessary time is allowed for ageing until the next extraction, in which the liquid will go to the final phase of aging, the Solera, where the aging process of the brandy will end and it is ready to bottle.

The best

The world has recognized our unmatched quality.

Awarded by the IWSC as the Best Brandy in the World 2019, the world’s expert tasters gave us the highest award in the competition, among the more than 100 brandies submitted.


The authenticity, care and craftsmanship with which past generations made products, are hard to find today. Dedication, passion and knowledge were put to the service of excellence.




Those who today can appreciate the past are, somehow, custodians and heirs of that know-how. They identify and rediscover the jewels of the past, finding ways to renew, enjoy and incorporate them into their current way of life.

Fundador Supremo, the result of centuries of knowledge distilling brandy in the oldest winery in Jerez, is the ultra premium brandy for those who bring the best heritage of our past into the present.